Partial Nocturne Compendium

Date: 2013-11-07

Okay, finished up the Nocturne Compendium -par some minor details that I will be working on in the comming week.  The Nocturne Compendium includes the following information, and as far as I know is accurate.

  1. Race/Name
  2. Level
  3. Alignment/Nature
  4. Personality Types (Type/Gender/Age)
  5. Innate Skills, and learned skills(with the level learned at)
  6. Skill Costs and Descriptions
  7. Resistances for all 10 elements (Does not include Almighty, because it has no resistance variable)
  8. Image(Thumbnail, and full image)

All that I am missing is the Compendium Description for most demons, and their standard attack properties. Next week I will be working on scanning the rest of my book, and fixing/updating all the previous compendiums. I've figured out a good way to integrate all the demons together throughout the franchise, even if their names differ. I will also be uploading tables for all the skills in each game, and their cost/affinity/hitrate/power/etc. 

I've also put up a contact page, since I recieved a compaint that my email wasn't the most available. It's pretty gheto at the moment, but I'll try to clean it up and add some info soon. As always, please send me an email if you want to help, spot an error, or have any question/request.

PS: The Global Compendium Database has over 20,000 cells. Whoa

George @ 27 Feb 2016 02:24 am
Ok so I love extra stuff with games, but i don't see whats special about this set. This plush doll thing is gettnig old. Plus what am I, a 27 year old male, supposed to do with a plush doll. My teddy doll from persona just sits on my stand beside my bed collecting dust. I feel that we should be given something useful. Is there more to this set than just the game and a doll?
XRumerTest @ 01 Jun 2014 10:12 am
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