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Date: 2013-11-24
Today was a pretty big day in terms of Megaten, I was planning on withholding an article until tommorow, but I probably should write something up. I'll start off with the light DDS-NET related news.
  • Compendium

Last week I mentioned that I was going to take a small break to rewrite the database and rethink how everything was going to be organized. I have since completed this, and I am glad I did. The database up until that point had over 1200 unique demon entries throughout the 8 completed compendiums(excluding KMT), I've manually cross linked each and every one of these pages with each other, so now there should be no name-related errors. Previously files where generated based on the name, and then searched through each databse for that specific name; the problem was that, let's say "Ame-no-Uzume" from SMT1 and "Ame no Uzume" from SMT3 would each have different pages, even though they are the same demon. I've rewriten it so that all the name differences cross link properly, so now all the information from each game should come up on the correct page, even if the names are radically different. This makes the future of this project a lot easier for me, and from the perspective of a userbase. I've done a bit of SEO management as well to make it a bit more friendly in terms of search engines.

I have also uploaded the compendium for Shin Megami Tensei: NINE, the Xbox Original Exlclusive MMO(And soon to be WoW-killer) that has yet to recieve it's online servers. There are two important aspects missing, the skills and the images; skills I am waiting to be fully translated, it uses a lot of unique skill names so it wasn't as quick as I first suspected; images I will get around to later this year when my new Capture Card comes in. Since NINE can not be emulated, I'm required to capture the in-game images myself, which requires me to 100% the game. I hope you don't blame me when I say I am not overly enthusiastic about it, but I will get to it eventually. 

I've also made a complete compendium for the GBA Titles Demikids Light/Dark, which has nearly 400 unique demons and a lot of strange naming systems. The new database format made compelting this a lot easier, and I'm happy to get it done. I've got to say, it's neat seeing some of the more obscure demons originate from Demikids, they translate pretty well into the various spinoff and mainline.

I've also updated the SMT1 database with element resistances, and finally completed the Nocturne compendium descriptions. I hope you enjoy. - Also thanks to everyone who spread this site around in the last week, I noticed it in a few places on the internet, and it really helps.

  • MegaTen News

Actually, it's pretty much all Persona news, but that's still okay because it blew everyone's theories and hype away! This morning the unviel of the hyped P-Ch was broadcast on NicoNico, and has got a lot of people talking. I'm not too sure of the specifics myself, but try to cover it accuratly

Persona 4: Dancing all Night

First revealed was a Person 4 Rythm game that is comming out for the Playstation Vita. This may be the first look at Sega sticking it's hands into Atlus franchises, as the team behind Hatsune Miku: Project Diva is co-developing this game. Story wise it centers around Rise, 6 months after the events of Persona 4. There is a TV-world esque plot where shadows attack you in an alternate realm centered around a dance stage. I've got to say, this was pretty unexpected and honestly weird. Here's a personal prediction, Aleph is the superboss of the game, and he dances furiously. It doesn't matter how much you grove, if you step on the Dance floor and 1v1 Aleph, you are going to get boped. If you are a fan of Project Diva, or Rythm games in general, you should be excited about this.

We can expect it to recieve a Japanese release date in Fall of 2014. No word on an NA/EU release of course, but I the localization of Project Diva gives fans a lot of hope. At the very least, be glad that the Vita isn't region locked. More information can be found at:

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

Hold on to your evokers. This is what happens when you take the pandering of Persona 3/4, and mash it right into the Etrian Odyssey: Untold Engine with a Scooby-Doo font.

That is to say, it's fucking awesome. A 3DS dungeon crawler with the cast of Persona 3 and 4, staring a new plot that may or may not be cannon. The Persona 3 Protag also makes an appearance; could this be the climactic revival that we have all been waiting for? Who knows!

This is the first time the Persona subseries has made it's way to a Nintendo console, and it's exclusive(for the time being) at that. We don't know much about it in regards to gameplay, nobody knows if social links are a thing, or how much the Etrian Odyssey battle system is going to effect things. I will say however, that this announcement has gotten me very excited. I love EO, and I love dungeon crawlers, and I think this will be a must-own for the 3DS system. The expected release date is June 5th of 2014. Once again, no word on a NA/EU release, but I'll try my best to keep updated.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimate Climax Suplex Arcade Turbo Phantasia HD - Info

Adachi is back, and this time he's insane. Yes, Adachi has been confirmed to appear in the upcomming Persona Fighter. It's unconfirmed whether he is playable or not. I personally hope so. No idea how it relates story wise, but from his "You pesky kids!" attitude in the trailer, we can assume Adachi is up to his good ole' kooky self that we have all grown to love. 


That's basically it for the P-CH announcments as far as I am aware, I was sleeping at the time and am in a hurry to write this before even Kotaku beats me to the punch(that would be embarassing). There was news of the Persona 3 movie, as well as more info about each release at the website: Goodbye for now!

Oh yeah! One other little thing: Persona 5

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