Megami Tensei I, II, and Kyuuyaku!

Date: 2013-11-17
Name: Nakajima
  • "Let me upgrade your COMP"

Last post I mentioned that I was going to take a little break and organize some of the current information. I lied. Guan, the webmaster of MegatenGaku, has sent me various fully translated tables of both Megami Tensei games featured on the Famicom, as well as tables for their respective remakes that labeled under Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei for the Super Famicom. Personal shout out, and a big "thanks again!" for that information, it saves me a ton of time, and I'm pretty happy to get them all up with relative ease! With that, the database has now over 50,000 cells of information.

The MT1 Database features:

  • Basic Stats
  • Demon Names
  • Races
  • Skills(With the original naming system)
  • Sprites that are animated
  • Unique entries for allies, and hostile demons

MT2 Includes:

  • Basic and Advanced Stats
  • Resistance
  • Drops and defeat specifications
  • Resistance Classifications
  • Sprites
  • Skills(With the original naming system)
  • Mob encounter rate

KMT basically adopts the MT2 mechanical system, so for the time being I've separated them between KMT1 and KMT2 entries. For the time being, I'll leave KMT as it is, but I need to decide how I am going to handle remakes and the gameplay/demon extensions involved. It's worth including at the moment, if only because MT1 undergoes some serious mechanical changes that are worth noting. This means there are 9 compendiums done, it might be a sign for what is to come next.

Unfortunately, that also means that the information may be buggy as hell, and I seriously need to sit down and organize and link all this data together. You may notice that some demons might not be included in the proper page, or the same demons throughout different games may be on different pages, this is simply to do with how naming has evolved throughout the series. Linking and syncing what I already have is pretty important, and the more I put it off, the more work will be required. The faster I get this done, the faster I can go back to filling out tables, so expect me to be messing with this for a few days. I also will for be sure fix everything I messed up on previously this time, no more delays.

Since this little project is starting to get a fair amount of viewers lately, I've made the compendium selection page a little nicer to look at, with some fancy images. Thanks to Truner for making them, saves me the trouble and they look pretty nice. Right now I'm organizing it by meta series, and despite If.. being mainline, I've included it in a separate category for unique unclassified entries. I've also wrote up an "about" page, I wish I could have put more time into it, but for the moment it does the job.

You may also have noticed the rotating moon at the top right corner of each page, it's just a silly little script that I made. Each half hour the moon changes by 1/8th, and certain elements are changed slightly depending on the moon cycle. I actually made it after a few drinks, so I'm not really sure what to do with it, but it looks neat and it's MegaTen related!

Lastly, I've integrated comments for blog posts. I figure it would be a good way for people to send me small but quick comments, since I don't use any big sources of social related sites(tumblr, facebook, ehentai-forums). I don't expect much activity, but go ahead post about how much you hate me, or viral your latest gangster rap albums. There are no rules fo comments so post whatever the hell you want.

  • Atlus

Just recently, Atlus USA has embed a link to a website that features an Ultrasound of a child. There isn't much more I can say about it, but check it out for yourself. If I had to personally gauss, I would say it's related heavily to the Trauma Center series for a variety of reasons, but most importantly is the fact that Atlus USA is the one to reveal this teaser. The original Trauma center had a similar marketing strategy prioritizing the West. My second gauss would be that it's an extremely deep form of symbolism to Persona 3's standard battle theme. At the very least, this means that Atlus USA is still doing something, lets hope it stays that way.

And of course, the Mysterious Persona(?) related teaser site is going to go live in less than week on the 24th of November. Apparently a Persona 5 domain name has been registered by Index recently, so if I had to speculate, it means that Persona 5 is right on the horizon Nakajima is going to appear in Super Smash Brothers: Elegant-Kerfluffle.

  • Community

Not much has been going on in the past week, I know MegatenGaku has been working on some Kaneko interviews, so make sure you refresh on their site every 5 minutes or so. Also, that primarily unrelated DDS-NET forum went up, so if you wanna' talk about SMT, make friends, and then kill them later, go check it out. I've also got some books that I have been meaning to scans for weeks, they have some pretty interesting formulas in regards to triple fusion and damage calculation mechanics, for various games in the franchise.

I've also gotta' do a little bit of running around, and generally be an annoying viral advertiser for this place. Mostly up untill now it's just been getting activity for 1 of 2 reasons.

1) Pascal

2) Word of mouth through various outlets that Google analytics refuses to give me the proper URL's for. Oh well. Thanks though for anyone that posted about it.

I don't really like going around and saying "Hey look at this thing guys", but I'm not really profiting from it, and I am only doing this for the franchise and the community. For the few people that read this, if you are active on certain SMT-related communities, I would really appreciate dropping a line. I like to think it's more respectful if an established member of a community posts a link, rather that someone who registers for the sole purpose of shooting a link.

This week was also the Mothman appreciation week. We bow our heads in silence and pray for the power and strength of our future Moth-based overlord. May his wing pierce the heavens and Reflect All.

Edit: I screwed up KMT2 hardcore, bear with me.

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