If.. Compendium - Brought to you by SEGA!

Date: 2013-11-04

Well, that was a nightmare! After a bit of work, and the help of a machine translator, I was able to upload the SMT:If.. compendium, and as far as I know, it's all up to speed. Despite the tedious effort of working with moonrunes, I'm pretty glad I did it, as it should allow a somewhat easier time playing through the game, if only for the skill names. Like always, please shoot my an email if you spot an error. For now, I might be taking a little break on deciphering Japanese, and I will be slowly working on the Nocturne and IV compendiums, possibly Strange Journey.

I've uploaded a to-do list as well, because I realized I am missing some fairly important information for my compendium entries so far. In particular, I am missing resistances, Macca summoning cost, item drops, and encounter locations. Along with that, I have also yet to upload the boss/guardian demons for each game, so I should get to that fairly soon; I'm not sure how I am going to organize boss demons when compared to regular demons, but I'll sleep on it. It also gave me the idea to compile a full list of skills for each game, since I am already compiling it all into a nice clean database anyway. All that it requires are some in-depth statistics, like hit rate, affinity, etc; but I'm sure it will extremely helpful once it's complete. I thought the to-do list was a neat way to organize my own work, and decided to make it public for the sake of giving specific details on updates.

Earlier this week, Index Corp(this includes Atlus) was officially transfered to Sega's parent company. Originally we had believed that Atlus was to be placed under the "Sega Dream" flagship; just the oposite has occured however, and the Index Corp flagship remains to be labled as merely Index Corp. This means very little in terms of the future, but it may give the gullible the hope they need to press on. Naoya Tsurumi(former Sega Sammy CEO) has been placed as the President of Index Corp, with Yasuhiko Hamada as the Excecutive Vice President. Other than a few minor board changes, Index Corp staff primarily remains the same, which is good news for the time being. It's also worth noting, that Atlus now has a board director that has strong ties to the Yakuza(franchise), speculate all you want, if you are a fan of the Yakuza fanchise, this could be very good news!

MegatenGaku has uploaded information of Spells/Items/Demons/etc for Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei, so for anyone that is interested in playing KMT, that would be a good place to refer to. It even has translation differences, from the original games, so it should even be helpful for any famicom buffs. Due to the accuracy, and detail included in the MegatenGaku page, it bumps KMT pretty far down on my priorities list. I wasn't too excited to jump right back into the untranslated anyway, so if the MegatenGaku webmaster is reading this: Thank you!

There are currently two interesting SMT fangame projects: Devil Cortex and Gate. Both looks to satisfy the same basic principle, being first person dungeon crawlers similar to Strange Journey or early SMT. Both look pretty awesome in their own ways, so go ahead to check them out!

I've also recently come to be aware of an amateur SMT podcast named The Cathedral of Shadows. They have been keeping up a good pace, and are pretty interesting and well done. They have helped to push through some of the tedious and frustrating hours, while working on the SMT:If.. Compendium, so I am obligated to give them a shout-out.

PS: As requested by a few emails, I have also re-uploaded the festive Halloween splash page: [TRIGGER WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES/THEMES]

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